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About us

EUROPARTNER® established in 2001 (that time the factory was named SORMAT OST) as license manufacture of nylon fixing products. As founders of the enterprise have acted the Finnish company Sormat OY with thirty-year experience in manufacture of hi-tech fixing products and the Russian group of companies Partner with the developed sales network in the Russian market and high-qualified personnel. All production was produced under the license of Sormat OY.

Thanks to concentration of knowledge, experience and efforts of both parties, the enterprise already in the first years of work could reach high industrial and economic indicators.

Today EUROPARTNER® on the hardware, the organization and automation of productions, the monitoring system of quality of production corresponds to the European requirements.

In assortment of production of factory more than 70 standard sizes of fixing products from polyamide, polypropylene and polyethylene.

Sales of production is carried out through official sales representatives.

30 % of production EUROPARTNER® are exported in the European countries.

Enterprise strategy is directed on the further development, increase of its efficiency and expansion of assortment.

In 2008 on SORMAT OST it has been made 360 000 000 nylon plugs.

In 2009 SORMAT OST has begun release of production under two brands: Sormat® - production which is made under the license of Sormat Oy;

Europartner® – all new production of SORMAT OST.

From 2011 all the products are making by the brand EUROPARTNER®

In 2012 factory released innovative products, which replace metal analogs (e. g. nails)

2013 factory starts with a new name EUROPARTNER®
In July 2013, sales of fasteners of the EUROPARTNER® plant in France started.

2014 the factory releases two new products: Snake plug and Multi plug. Snake plug is completely innovative product which replaces well-known nail-plug.

The Plant takes strategy to make new products under sub brands. "Europartner®" were audited by global companies: Nissan, Vaillant and Leroy Merlin. The Last one rated factory with the highest A mark. This fact (among others such as price level) caused to win local tender to make production under Standers brand name. Those facts gives confidence to continue stragedy to produce custom made plastic products for any type of client (automotive, medical industry and etc.)