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Technologies and manufacture

Manufacture is carried out on the hi-tech equipment by a method of molding of plastic under pressure. The basic park of the equipment – well-known molding machines Engel.
Effective work of this machines is impossible without the peripheral equipment which on EUROPARTNER is constantly optimized and updated.
In the beginning 2006 the Italian system of automatic loading of raw materials that has considerably reduced labor input of technological process has been established and started.
The factory is equipped by own tool shop, high which level of experts allows not only to serve and carry out partial repair of molds and the equipment on manufacture, but also to be engaged in processes of automation of manufacture.

Raw materials
For output of EUROPARTNER uses following kinds of raw materials:

  • DuPont polyamide
  • polypropylene with special additives which allow a product to maintain low temperatures
  • polyethylene
  • the thermoplastic elastomer DuPont
  • polystyrene

Deliveries of raw materials and accessories are made both European, and the Russian suppliers. All kinds of raw materials are certificated.

EUROPARTNER makes production on own molds of the European manufacture.